About us


What do you create when you combine the entrepreneurial expertise of a graphics designer who has successfully built and run her own creative business with a talented educator who has earned her doctoral degree in Education with a special emphasis on meeting the challenges of Early Childhood Education?

In the case of Christi Ingle and Dr. Lisa Todd, you’ve formed an unusual, but highly-creative, partnership. When you add to their partnership mix a shared love of horses and competitive barrel horseracing, you have the foundation for a joint business venture specifically-designed to serve the interests of young horse lovers and aspiring barrel racers.

As CEO of Southwest Design and Display Inc., Christi owns and operates a very successful graphic design company that creates custom-built set designs for conventions, trade shows, and a broad variety of special event programs.

An experienced educator and the founder of Two Creeks Ranch Enterprises Inc., Lisa shares Christi’s entrepreneurial spirit. She recently developed the innovative Barrel Horse Racing iPhone app and the Arena Barrel Racing iPhone and Producer software—advanced new products designed for today’s arenas and competition spaces.

In addition, Lisa created the original Bang-it! Dang-it! Barrel Racing Shin Guard Socks.  Designed as protective riding gear worn under your jeans for barrel racers and rodeo competitors.

Christi Ingle’s inspiration for creating Wild Horse Wallz and Wild Horse Wearz was not all about establishing a new business. According to Christi, “Lisa and I share a lot in common—we both love being around horses and competing in Barrel Races. From the start, our goal in creating Wild Horse Wallz and Wild Horse Wearz, has been to find a way to share with young cowgirls and cowboys some of the excitement and fun we’ve experienced competing in barrel races and rodeos all across the country.” Christi adds, “We thought if we could take some of what we’ve enjoyed and learned in arena competition and bring it into the home, we’d be encouraging the growth and development of young barrel racers and future rodeo competitors…and along the way, we just might have the opportunity to build a great new business”.  

Christi notes,“ WHW is set to launch December 2016. We will be offering life-sized Wild Horse Wallz wall decals for all the girls and boys who love horses and the rodeo life!... and for any boy or girl who would like a giant picture of their own horse on their bedroom wall, we will also be offering, for the very first time, personalized decals. In addition, we’ll be introducing a line of original decals for helmets, trailers and trucks plus gift cards, newly-designed Wild Horse Wearz T-shirts and sweatshirts and, just for fun, some cool WHW play tattoos”.  

Christi and Lisa both live in Arkansas with their families, horses and assorted pets.